Hai all, in this post DaDroidRd will share, how to change fonts in your android devices.
This time in this toturial DaDroidRd use application called Hifonts, I think this application very well and good , and the beautiful view and have a comfortable navigation for beginners.

Well, in this tutorial, your device must be in Rooted status ,for work in your android device. if your device not on Rooted status this toturial will don't work on your devices, please Root your device before your follow this tutorial

1.Download application Hifonts

HERE (Playstore)

HERE (Mediafire) 

2.Install application and run it , than you will get something like this

3. Here you can select font for your use, as an example here DaDroidRd would apply font Name Daniel, then select the font and there will be a page like this

4. After that press the download button, wait until procces download to be end then there will be a page like this

5. Then press USE button options on the left side and there will be a pop up like this

Just hit OK and Reboot option will appear like this

Then press the Reboot now button.

6. Wait until the reboot complete, then you will get change font like this

7. In addition, you can also see your fonts,have been downloaded on the Tab LOCAL here

And this toturial are finished, REMEMBER always make a backup before following this tutorial .And this toturial already tried and succesfully on Android version 4.1, and 4.4, if you failed there is a possible error on your own or your device, and not from this toturial, remember different devices could have different flavors and this font is not works in most applications that you install or the like.

*** DaDroidRd not responsible for any damages that occur to your device, so DaDroidRd suggest was carefully and thoroughly in order to avoid undesirable ***



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